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VAGAboard Black Edition

Black Edition je izdelek, ki je narejen v omejeni količini. Izbirate lahko med dvema velikostima. Deska dolžine 70 cm je primeren za otroke, najstnike in ljudi, ki si želijo narediti trike še bolj zahtevne. Druga deska je 10 cm daljša in je primerna za najstnike in odrasle ljudi, s katerim dosežejo osnove ravnotežja

*Black Edition kit contains a board and a roller

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VAGAboard is used to strengthen muscles and conquest balance, which is very important in sports. Anybody can improve their coordination in just 15 minute workout per day. You can quickly master all the basics with your friends, family or classmates and have fun in or outdoors.

This activity is a great  for a warmout or a complete training and perfect  when the weather does not allow you to do external sports. VAGAboard is suitable for anyone who wants to try something new. It is suitable for all types of athletes where they implement a wide variety of tricks. VAGAboard is also suitable for children and adults.

VAGAboard is a strong wooden board placed on a specially designed roller, which comes in the middle of the desk. You step on  each side of the board with one foot and just try to maintain a balance. When you master the basic moves you can start on doing tricks. How many and which  tricks you can master depends only on the exercise.

VAGAboard the product of a beautiful piece of wood which is carefully designed by hand and perfect for anyone. Take your time for relaxation, meditation, training or strengthening your balance. Let's be in touch with nature, let's be eco, fit and full of energy!

Specification of the  board:
Length: 800 mm
Width: 355 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
Weight: 2640 g
Spacers: 60 mm
Load capacity: up to 120 kg

Specification of the  roller:
Length: 400 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Diameter: 140 mm
Weight: 1520 g
Load capacity: up to 120 kg

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